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Your Human Resource Partner

Human Resource Administration

  • Custom Employee Handbook: Provides a formal set of written, easy to read and understand policies and practices based on your company. Each employee handbook contains expanded policies to meet the specific needs of each company.
  • HR On-Line: Service that delivers fast, reliable, and easy-access to commonly asked labor law questions, employment practices tools including training presentations/videos, job descriptions and regulatory compliance posters.
  • HR Help-Desk/HR Management: Is your dedicated HR Professional who will work with you to address issues that arise with your employee management relations. You also have unlimited access to your HR Professional when HR compliance related training is required. With client approval we will assist your managers in writing job descriptions and where applicable, develop recruitment and selection strategies.
  • HR Personnel Forms: Your dedicated HR Professional will maintain personnel forms/procedures, assist with performance issues related to your employees, respond to employee inquiries and concerns, investigate employee complaints, assist with involuntary terminations and reduction in force implementation.
  • Benefits Plan Design: Research/compare competitive benefits at renewal period for client employees through a licensed broker. Develop and recommend customized benefits programs through a licensed broker with your consideration and review cost and quality annually.
  • Benefits Enrollment: Explain benefit plans and costs to client employees. Work with client to help ensure timely receipt of all enrollment forms from each client location and assist in setting up benefit deductions in payroll system. Forward applications to each insurance provider while confirming/tracking and enrolling all eligible employees.
  • Benefits Administration: Reconcile and ensure monthly client payments are made for each plan. Respond to employee coverage questions and issues while stocking and supplying all benefits brochures and forms. Fulfill employee requests for information and assist your employees with coverage changes where requested while notifying payroll of deductions and changes. Manage liaison and relationship with benefit providers, conduct annual open enrollment while also assisting employees with claim issues.
  • Health Insurance: Establish controls in conjunction with client for receipt of enrollment information from each eligible employee and or participant from each client location. Add new and/or delete terminated employees to each insurance plan. Assemble and distribute enrollment kits, maintain and distribute health plan directories. Track changes in eligibility based upon reports supplied by client while tracking and administering IRS code section 125 insurance deductions.
  • Group Term Life and Disability: Calculate premiums and coverage limits, respond to employee questions, process coverage and beneficiary changes while tracking and processing optional additional coverage. Distribute plan summaries while administering and reconciling employee termination paperwork with each insurance provider.
  • Employment Law Compliance:
    • State and Federal Laws:
      • Deduct report and pay appropriate withholding and social security taxes.
      • Research and comply with all state payroll taxes.
      • Obtain and stock tax forms for all states.
      • Supply Federal and State employment posters.
      • Assist client in responding to all EEOC and NLRB charges of discrimination, including those from all state and local EEO agencies (CertiPay does not provide legal advice)