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Your Human Resource Partner

Employee Leasing Program

To Risk; or not to Risk; that is the question. With Certigy’s Employee Leasing Program, you can transfer your employee related labor cost risks by entering into the co-employer relationship. Let us manage the Worker’s Compensation, Tax liability and Human Resource functions. It’s our Worker’s Compensation Policy. It’s our Tax Liability. It’s our headaches. Under the Certigy PEO Model it is our responsibility to assist and support your organization as your back office human resource management. To that, we can assist each PEO client with an initial assessment of their current HR practices and procedures to ensure we work as a partner for future growth. Our PEO platform ensures that every client receives not only the minimum compliance protection but also provides an opportunity to take advantage of our advanced HR Consulting services. We use the initial HR Assessment to determine areas that need improvement while also maintaining those areas that are already strong. To address the diverse needs of each PEO client we start the assessment with a custom employee handbook and build from there to determine what, if any future advanced HR support would be required.