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Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance »

Group insurance programs designed to offer affordable health coverage to a natural group, such as employees of an employer or members of an association and their families. A single contract is provided for the entire group which outlines the standard benefits, terms and provisions that apply to all members of the group. Individual certificates are usually issued to the members to verify that they are covered.

Life Insurance »

The promise to pay at the death of the insured, or at another determined time if earlier, an amount larger than the accumulated value of the consideration paid for the promise.

Dental Insurance »

Health insurance coverage for specified dental services, most often provided on a group basis.

Health Savings Account »

Medical savings account available to these enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan


Supplemental Insurance products.

Long-Term Disability Insurance »

A disability insurance designed to offer income payments for long-term injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Long-term is often considered over 90 days.

Short-Term Disability Income Insurance »

Usually less than one year, often 13-, 26- or 52-week plans frequently sold as part of an employee benefits plan. Also known as weekly income plans.

COBRA--Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Of 1985 »

A federal act making provision for the continuation of an employee's health insurance coverage, as well as the coverage for dependents, should the employee terminate his or her employment. This act is in effect whether or not the termination was voluntary. Further, it applies to employer-sponsored group health plans with 20 or more employees.